Corporate videos and films

A video to boost business

Easy to watch online or a phone, add to a newsletter or share on social media, making a video is sure to pay for itself and will boost a brand’s appeal while increasing consumer buy-in and conversion rates. Nowadays videos have become must-haves in corporate digital marketing strategy.


Project news

Explain project developments. Simple instructions to follow putting pictures in chronological order. Ideal for weekly and monthly updates.


Product clip

An ultra-short, 10-second clip showcasing a product, object or concept.



Participant interviews punctuated by background music


Job offer

Optimize hiring videos! Make a video of your latest job offers. An original job and a brand new experience for job-seekers: your future boss presents your future job.


Tour the firm videos

Capture life at work. Adds value to the business, various departments and presents people who’ll make it all happen


Behind the scenes videos

Show what goes on behind the scenes in companies and all steps involved in planning a corporate event with a ‘fly on the wall’ report

What’s the point of corporate videos?

Content such as product clips, company tours, job offers, etc. can be added to email signatures, social media posts or product/service details on corporate websites. They can even form part of packaging via QR codes, or be made into an on-screen video loop at a trade show

Other uses