Event videos

Make the perfect event video

Event videos are one of the most common types of corporate videos. At shows, conferences and company occasions – video is the best way to capture emotional times at work and share them with customers, colleagues and communities. Rivals will see an active and vocal presence online and expertise in a sector, which gives you credibility and is good for your corporate reputation and business.


Event clip

Create dynamic and structured short musical videos to immortalize all sorts of corporate events.

Clip évent

Behind the scenes videos

Show what goes on behind the scenes in companies and all steps involved in planning a corporate event with a ‘fly on the wall’ report



Participant interviews punctuated by background music

How and why make tutorial videos?

AMakidoo requires no computer, editing software or technician as it all happens on your smartphone. The main benefit is that you save time. You can now post your attendance at an event practically instantly; waiting weeks for editing is history. Users have never been so close to their own news and now have the means to share with an audience. The second big benefit is you can cover an event from different angles at once, using background clips and interviews to immerse viewers in your experience. When several colleagues film clips with Makidoo for the same video, the app brings whole new angles to life while raising your company’s profile.

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