How it works

Makidoo’s templated approach is a game changer.  Not only templates simplify the creation process by guiding the video maker with detailed shot-by-shot roadmaps, they allow the standardization of your “packaging”.  Each and every video can include your branded intros and calls-to-action, plus other visual elements you want to include if and when needed.  These visual elements can be graphic designs, animations, titles, questions, product shots and more.  And our filming templates are created by experienced film makers who know how to organize the shots for you in a simple and efficient manner, thus saving considerable time and effort.

Classic or Custom Templates

With Makidoo, you’ll get our ready-to-use templates for classic video genres and styles, such as Testimonial, Behind-the-Scene, Explainer, Interview, Product Highlights, Real-Estate, Casting videos, and more.  Furthermore, thanks to our Video Template Generator, we can provide you with custom-made templates that will save you even more time, cutting down your editing time to almost zero.

Filming Guides

Our templates offer neophyte filmmakers precise instructions on what to film, shot timing, framing, etc.  Video tutorials are also available to help you produce high quality videos on a consistent basis.

Automated Editing

Using templates simplifies your tasks as your logos, titles, and copyright-free music can be included in them or customized right on your phone.  No need to use an editing software, no need for a timeline!  When you select a template, you predefine the narrative structure of your video and you also pre-insert a number of elements that are going to show up on the screen, but that you don’t need to re-introduce every time in your video.   Once completed, videos are stored and easy to share by text message, email and social media.

Template 02 Templates provide shooting directions, precise timing and framing indications. Film Pick the story structure that you need. 01 Choose 03 Produce clear, branded, ready-to-share videos without wasting time in editing. Edit 04 Post your videos on social media, or other platforms, directly from your phone. Share Makidoo est une application mobile de tournage vidéo guidé et de montage automatisé


Makidoo is an impressive video program that finds its origins in the brains of professional video makers who saw an opportunity to simplify video production through templates, and use smartphones as their anchor platform. The video templates are stored on our servers and seamlessly communicate with the app on your phone via an API.  All Makidoo videos are stored on your device, i.e. smartphone, tablet or other mobile technology.  You always are the master and the owner of your videos.

Coming up soon will be the ability to share the production of videos, where one user will send shot requests to a community of Makidoo users thus creating a collaborative video.