Staff Interviews

Make the perfect interview or testimonial

Video interviews are excellent communication tools and most importantly easy to produce.  No need to hire a professional any more for top quality content. Just make sure your speakers are ready by answering your questions a few times.  Check the room for eyesores (e.g. fire extinguishers or bins tend to spoil shots), make sure there’s no competing sound, and “action!“.



How about making an original Konbini-style interview or a 3-question traditional video with a customer or vendor? A fantastic way to display your company’s graphics while saving even more editing time.


Employee portrait

Send customized videos to your employees and colleagues. It is quick and easy to do with our ready-to-use templates! Motivations, goals and career paths vary; just ask the generator to create a bespoke template.


Résumé video

A short video summing up your personality and what makes you tick. The perfect way to attract employers.


Off the street

Choose a journalistic style to release information and news: mini off-the-street videos are ideal to capture the general public talking live about ongoing events.


Customer testimonial

Customer testimonial videos are an excellent way to reassure potential customers and showcase your offering.

What is the point of interview videos?

By 2020, 82% of global internet traffic will be in video format (source: Cisco). Written content is gradually giving way to video content. Getting customers to talk about your firm and making attractive clips about colleagues increases interaction, adds authenticity and makes viewers feel closer to your business. You will make your corporate values, labor conditions and your people more transparent. Market yourselves with interview videos.

Other uses