Making mini documentaries

Make a documentary like a reporter.

A documentary is generally made up of interviews alternating with pictures. Documentary videos are far more realistic than marketing videos. A template to stand out from rivals and build trust in a brand while also sparking people’s interest and winning over customers.



Present or promote a product, job or news item. A documentary video can be used to talk about or interview an employee to get a message across like a TV reporter. Ideal for launches, relaunches and conclusions including pictures of the subject.


Full documentary

A mini documentary with voiceover. The trick is to use voiceover while filming the initial scene, only the first 3 seconds of which will be visible from then on.


Background documentary

A news clip featuring a series of storytelling pictures.

Making a mini documentary: advantages

Reporter-style video documentaries to create an immersive style that you see in TV news. Video documentaries such as exploring something behind the scenes, being out in the field or close-ups of an ongoing event are far more realistic ways to communicate than standard marketing videos.

Other uses