HR Videos

Human resources increasingly need to attract and maintain the best employees and collaborators, in a highly competitive job market.

Makiddo has video templates that help HR departments achieve excellent retention results.

  • Portraits of collaborators videos
  • Job offer videos
  • Applicant videos
  • Culture videos

Training Videos

We live in a world that is in constant flux, thus requiring companies to train their workforce on a permanent basis.

Makidoo is offering custom templates that make videos their essential tools to educate and train teams and employees.  

  • Tutorials videos
  • “How to” videos
  • Maintenance videos
  • New Equipment videos
  • Process Monitoring videos

Event Videos

Events big and small have become instrumental in rallying and educating your teams and the public about your brand. Makidoo offers easy-to-follow video templates that will make sure that the events you produce or attend get their full impact.  Releasing event videos without delay is a key factor in the success of your considerable investment.

  • Takeaway videos
  • Behind the scene videos
  • Speaker introduction videos

How about having your own custom-made templates, with your pre-installed content, such as questions 1 to 5, or animations to illustrate something visually?

Templates that are easy to send to your teams on the ground

Accessing Makidoo templates is easy no matter the number of users, thanks to our activation-code system.  You can send an activation code to 2 or 5 million users, for just a few hours to months at a time.  You decide.

Take Your Events to the Next Level!

You can take Makidoo to another level and make collaborative videos. This is an exciting feature that is made easy by the use of our templates.

Simply ask your employees or team members to make video clips from their own phone. Have them send their best shots to a folder on the cloud. The assigned video maker can then browse these shots, and download his/her choices which will be imported into Makidoo templates.  The excitement you get from team members will last way beyond the events and will energize your teams.