Social media videos

Social video empowers everyone!

Short video formats designed for social media. Makidoo is the smart way to democratize video production while giving staff a chance to help create content without any particular technical know-how.


Twitter clip

A lively 40-second video without interviews made up of alternating short frames. An ideal communication tool to bring events to life



Announce competitions via social media videos


Facebook cover

Create a Facebook cover video. For FB, the horizon must be as central as possible in the picture.


Short event clip

When you attend an event, show or important meeting, use this template to capture moments and showcase them in dynamic and structured 33-second background music clips

Clip évent

Twitter messages

An interview followed by a musical clip to illustrate the subject.



To share something you enjoyed, a product you believe in or just to send a quick message to your communities.

Why post videos on social media?

The very nature of social media is based on content. A Twitter post is only up for 18 minutes for example. A community manager must be able to post large volumes of attractive content quickly. Given videos posted on social media boost audience commitment rate tenfold compared to traditional publication methods, it would be a shame not to draw on them. Social media uses may include FB covers, competitions, favorites or trailers of an event. So just get creative!

Other uses